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March 2024 Meeting Minutes

March 2024 Meeting Minutes

GP PTO March 2024 Meeting Agenda

March 11, 2024, at 6:30 pm, GP Library

● Call to order at 6:30pm
● WMS Principal, Jason Lievanos, and PTO President, Katie Berger, came to speak about
PTO membership at the middle school level. 5th graders are invited to a lock-in at WMS
April 26th from 6pm-8pm. More information will come out soon.

● Approval of minutes from the November meeting (Mary Ann Vlasich, Secretary).
Minutes approved.
● Officers’ Reports
● Officers’ Reports

Co-President Erica Forthaus and Candace Farmer
● Slate for 2024-2025 to vote on at the April meeting:
▪ Co-President: Erica Forthaus
▪ Co-President: Sara Faron
▪ Secretary: Christina Thomason
▪ Treasurer: Susan Natoli
▪ VP of Fundraising: Lori Richmeyer
▪ VP of Community Events: Lindsey Lawson
▪ VP of School Support: Jackie Gallagher
▪ VP of School Community: Emily Hewitt

Secretary Mary Ann Vlasich
Treasurer Susan Natoli
● Budget Review.
● Courtyard. Meeting w/ concrete company on Friday 3/15 and they are planning
to prep the area over spring break and pouring on 3/29.
VP of Fundraising Lori Richmeyer
● Gator Gear. Spring Sale coming up soon.

● Restaurant Nights. Raising Canes on 3/26.
VP of Community Events Lindsey Lawson
● Food Truck Night-still working on getting food trucks. We currently have
3 trucks.

VP of School Support Jackie Gallagher
● Last snack day 4/18.
● Teacher Appreciation Week. Still working on planning snacks for teachers.
May 6-10.
● Adopt-a-Gator program. Staff loves the program and we would like to
continue it. PTO is going to look at streamlining the process for next year
in order to ensure communication on both sides.
● Random fun ideas-themed month activities

VP of School Community Sara Faron
● Spring Party-Build a bear is coming to make gators in the gym. Music
room: music bingo. STEM room- “big” games
● Field Day. Still working on plans for activities. We are going to look at
purchasing hoses or getting donations. Katie Berger and Angie Nichols are
● Trail Proposals-We voted on the 2 trail projects (making bridge accessible
and moving the outdoor classroom) for a total of $8900 for benches and
$4800 for the stairs. Sara brought the motion forward and it was seconded
by Jackie Gallagher and Lori Richmeyer. All were in favor.
● Website Update. Candace, Erica, and Sara attended the website training
and PTO can use ParentSquare.

Administrator/Faculty reports
● Principal Dr. Paul Godwin
▪ Spring BBQ 4/27
▪ City Tickets go on sale 3/14. 64 tickets will be available.
▪ Cardinals Game is 9/11.
● Assistant Principal Angie Schott.
● Faculty Representative Nikki Klein.

● Announcements and upcoming events between now and the next PTO meeting

▪ PTO Meeting April 17 6:30-7:30pm

● All Members present.
● Adjournment at 8:00pm.

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