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Your Librarian

Nicole Klein


Welcome to the Green Pines Library!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Green Pines Elementary School library! Learners are invited to visit the library during Flexible Access times any day, with a library pass. Because of the open door policy, students can come in and read for pleasure in soft-seating, search for books or information, and work on projects or assignments.

Our library is a busy part of our school! Our librarian, Mrs. Klein, collaborates with teachers to enhance lessons and integrate library skills into the curriculum. The classroom teachers and Mrs. Klein also work together to make connections between what students are learning in class and in the library.

The Green Pines Library is proud to have approximately 19,000 items for checkout! This includes both print books and ebooks. We also offer soft-seating areas for students to spend time reading to themselves, a whole group read-aloud area, a classroom area complete with Smartboard, small group areas, and a ChromeCart with Chromebooks for student and staff use.

Mrs. Klein (our librarian) and Mrs. Johnson (our library assistant) help patrons locate and check out books and materials, while also helping students to complete tasks allowing them to be independent thinkers and library users. These are skills that will serve students far beyond the walls of Green Pines!